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miniSPA2006 session details

Goldfish bowl: Distributed workforces
Bernard Horan, Sun Microsystems
Distributed workforces are now more possible than ever. What should we do about it?
This session will educate participants as to the possibilities and perils of employing and / or participating in a distributed work force

Case study: Conservative XP in anger
James Dobson, Accenture
This case study explores the relative merits, or demerits, of an augmented version of XP, known to its creators as Conservative XP.
This session will teach participants:

Case study: Modelling with Views
Richard Mitchell, InferData Ltd and Mitchell Horvath Ltd
Rather than break a big model into components, you could present the model as a number of views - the session will present one way to combine several views of a big model.
This session will let participants:

Workshop: Requirements and Architecture Traps and Pitfalls
Chris Cooper-Bland, Independent, and Rob Machin, Concise Group Ltd.
Anti-patterns in project Elaboration and how best practice can avoid them.
Participants will learn how to:

Tutorial: The C# Language - From V1.0 to V2.0 and Beyond
Mike Taulty, Microsoft

Panel: A Good Read
Duncan McGregor, Independent, Richard Care, Octave Associates
An invited panel bring their favourite technical book to an open discussion
This session will help participants expand their library and critical skills.