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Series cancelled - Tom Gilb cannot travel to the UK due to Covid-19 outbreak

However, Tom has generously agreed to make all the course materials available free of charge for a limited time so that you can study in your own time.

Tom Gilb, the internationally renowned pioneer of agile value delivery, has agreed to provide seven days of workshops in London for un(der)employed individuals wishing to (re-)enter the IT profession.

The overall title is Agile Tools for Value Delivery. Delegates can sign up for any or all of the workshops that make up the course. There is an administrative fee of £5 + Eventbrite processing fee per course, but the training is provided pro bono (i.e. free) and refreshments and lunches are included in the package.

If you sign up for any of these courses, please ensure that you download the associated course materials and familiarise yourself with them beforehand.