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This page lists planned and past SPA SG meetings in London. See also the presentations and notes published under past evening meetings.



Thu! 9 January SPA-338
Tue! 4 February SPA-339
Thu! 5 March SPA-340
1 April SPA-341
6 May SPA-342
3 June SPA-343
1 July SPA-344
5 August SPA-345
2 September SPA-346
7 October SPA-347
4 November SPA-348 AGM
2 December SPA-349




9 January SPA-327 No meeting
6 February SPA-328 Yan Cui, DAZN: Starting AWS Lambda Serverless Development (workshop)
6 March SPA-329 Martin Brenig-Jones and James Dawn: Accelerating Change and how to become a Maestro of Transformation
3 April SPA-330 Kostas Bonikos, RapidMiner: AI and Machine Learning in the real world
1 May SPA-331 No meeting
5 June SPA-332 Steven Duckaert, Platform9: Develop Fast Serverless Functions for Kubernetes with Open-Source Fission
3 July SPA-333 Alok Dwivedi, instaclustr: An Architect's Guide to Scalable Technologies - Cassandra, Kafka, and ElasticSearch
4 September SPA-334 Akmal Chaudhri, OmniSci & City University (London): Speed meets Scale
2 October SPA-335
6 November SPA-336 AGM + Kacper Gunia: Bridging the gap between IT and business using Event Storming
4 December SPA-337 Andy Parker: Effective Incident Analysis - Leaving Blame Behind




Date No. Title
7 February SPA-317 Glenn Wilson: Putting the "Sec" into "DevOps"
7 March SPA-318 Ivan Sanchez and David Denton:
Server as a Function. In Kotlin. Without the Server.
4 April SPA-319 no meeting
2 May SPA-320 no meeting
6 June SPA-321 Rob Brown: What's possibly possible in large organisations adopting agile?
1 August SPA-322 Stefania Chaplin: We are all Equifax - The Data behind DevSecOps
5 September SPA-323 Chris Sluman: A discussion on Identity, Persona, Authority, Authorisation
3 October SPA-324 no meeting
7 November SPA-325 AGM (see minutes) + Immo Huneke: Consumer Driven Contract Testing - Integration without tears
5 December SPA-326 Natalia Oskina and Giovanni Asproni, Zühlke Engineering: Be Your Own Threatbuster!




Date No. Title
4 January SPA-306 Tony Das: Container 2.0 - moving beyond Docker itself
1 February SPA-307 Alison Lowndes, NVIDIA: Machines that Think - how Deep Learning fuels the AI boom
1 March SPA-308 Jonathan Rothwell: Accessibility - the developer's overlooked responsibility
5 April SPA-309 Jo Kent, BBC Radio: Automated Data Architecture - creating user journeys through content using Linked Data
3 May SPA-310 Robert Chatley: Lean Learning - Applying Lean Techniques to Improve Software Engineering Education
7 June SPA-311 Tom Johnson: Failure Patterns in Java
2 August SPA-312 Quentyn Taylor, Canon Europe: IoT Printing - The Unloved Elephant in the Room (with DevSecOps SG)
6 September SPA-313 cancelled
4 October SPA-314 NO MEETING - BCS London closed from 2-16 Oct for AV systems upgrade
1 November SPA-315 Phil Nash (JetBrains): Swift Driven Development
6 December SPA-316 Paul Stringer: Subcutaneous Mobile Application Testing




Date No. Title
6 January SPA-295 No Meeting
3 February SPA-296 Yan Cui, JUST EAT: 7 ineffective coding habits many F# programmers don't have
2 March SPA-297 Giovanni Asproni, Asprotunity: Design for Testability
6 April SPA-298 Daniel Bryant, OpenCredo: The Seven Deadly Sins of Microservices
4 May SPA-299 Emily Webber, Tacit: Building Successful Communities of Practice
1 June SPA-300 Duncan McGregor and Nat Pryce: Hands-On Introduction to the Kotlin Language
6 July SPA-301 Immo Hüneke, Zühlke Engineering: The blockchain e-commerce/e-government revolution
7 September SPA-302 Liz Keogh: Handling Uncertainty with BDD and Cynefin
6 October (Thu!) SPA-303 Daniel Gartmann: Harness the power of HTTP headers to secure your web apps
2 November SPA-304 AGM followed by Jason Gorman: Are you a TDD maker, or a TDD faker?
6 December (Tue!) SPA-305 Giovanni Asproni: Creating an Incremental Architecture for your system




Date No. Title
7 January SPA-285 Pathfinding Peril - Chris Parsons. Escape the Minotaur!
4 February SPA-286 Decision Modelling by example - Paul Vincent
3 March (Tue!) SPA-287 How to build streaming data applications - Akmal Chaudhri
1 April SPA-289 Make a Shrimp for Easter - a practical embedded computing workshop for kids and their parents
6 May SPA-288 Retrospective Antipatterns: what can go wrong and how to fix it - Aino Corry
3 June SPA-290 Getting to Grips with Data: can Clojure breach the abstraction barrier? - Roland Sadowski
2 September SPA-291 Cancelled
7 October SPA-292 AGM followed by A Practical Introduction to DevOps
4 November SPA-293 Planning for Value - Allan Kelly
2 December SPA-294 Defend your Web apps: what every developer needs to know - Daniel Gartmann




Date No. Title
5 February SPA-277 The Development Testing Process - where next?
5 March SPA-278 Resource-Oriented Computing - what happens when Web concepts are applied to solution economics
2 April SPA-279 Pushing CSP to Prod - Case Study of a Real-World Implementation of Content-Security Policy
11 April with Agile SG Introduction to Holacracy
7 May SPA-280 ARM yourself - an Architectural Reference Model for Enterprise Application Development
3 September SPA-281 How to build front-end web apps that scale - Phil Leggetter
1 October SPA-282 How to name things: the solution to the hardest problem in programming - Peter Hilton
5 November SPA-283 AGM followed by a workshop on Visual Thinking and effective note-taking
3 December SPA-284 My adventure with source code management: How I learned to stop worrying and love the merge - Graeme Macfarlane


2013 and earlier

The preceding meetings are listed here.